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  • Barbie Doll Beach House Barbie Doll Beach House No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Princess Cutesy Room Decoration Princess Cutesy Room Decoration No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Princess Ariel Doll House Decor Princess Ariel Doll House Decor No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Pregnant Angela Shopping Pregnant Angela Shopping Talking Angela is very busy today because she has guest arriving for a dinner party. She needs to cook something special and she decided to make a turkey and some pie. Join Angela at the grocery store so she can buy all the ingredients on her list and after that head home and help her cook dinner. Stuff the turkey and put it in the oven prepare the pie and decorate it with cream. Have fun PlayRosy 2 years ago report
  • Sarah's New Home Sarah's New Home Sarah is moving a new home and desires to decorate all rooms with her own decoration ideas. She is ready for your suggestions for living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen. Enjoy it! 4J 6 months ago report
  • Sakura House Sakura House Let's decorate a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen or... a courtyard! Think about every details, choose lovely pets, plants and more decors. Use different items for each room and create your own Japan style house! 4J 6 months ago report
  • Princess Castle Doll House Princess Castle Doll House No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Ariel Dream Dress Ariel Dream Dress Show off your amazing design talent to create Ariels famous stylish dresses in your own design studio. Make perfect combination of garments choose unique style colors and materials then decorate the dresses for Ariels upcoming fashion show 2-Play 1 year ago report
  • Room Planner Room Planner No idea how to plan your bedroom? No concerns! This Room Planner will enable you to style and design that area at its greatest. Select the objects you want as you click and drag one objects from the menu onto free areas. You can move and rotate anything and decorate the home as you like. Have a good time! 4J 6 months ago report
  • Mommy Home Decoration Mommy Home Decoration The beautiful mommy needs your help today! Are you ready to show off your decorating skills? Join her and let's start with her bedroom. Pick the prettiest furniture and decorations. Make sure the room looks girly and comfy. You will also have to decorate the baby's room. There are so many things you can do! Change the color of the walls, the floor and pick nice furniture. Make good use of all the items you have! Look for the perfect baby crib and enjoy your time with the blonde mommy and her sweet baby girl! 4J 6 months ago report
  • Interior Designer - Penthouse Interior Designer - Penthouse Welcome to a world of luxury, the finest collection of furniture and interior accessories! You can seize this opportunity, develop your designing skills and create an absolutely legendary image. Be careful with every detail, as every single one will contribute to general look. And when the process is done, be ready to invite your friends over for the coolest penthouse party ever! 4J 6 months ago report
  • Barbie Wedding Planner Barbie Wedding Planner No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Barbie Summer Room Decor Barbie Summer Room Decor No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Tessa's Holiday Home Tessa's Holiday Home No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Tom Room Decoration Tom Room Decoration Tom has invited his friends on his guardians absence. Help him decorate the room perfectly for the get together. Pick the color of the room and then decide other suppliescolors accordingly. Place a TV near window and sofa next to it. Pick nice colorful table and dining chairs. Choose suitable frame hanging on the wall. Dont forget to put carpet. Help tom now his friends may drop in anytime. 2-Play 2 years ago report
  • Lawn Decor Lawn Decor Decorate your dream Lawn. Have a fun to play this fashionable decorating game. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Decorate Your Home Decorate Your Home What would you do with it, If you had a big house? There are enough furniture for you to decorate your new rooms by yourself. You can be a good architect. Come and show you talent skills. Have fun with Decorate Your Home! 4J 5 months ago report
  • Piercing For Elsa Frozen Piercing For Elsa Frozen Elsa always wants to do everything her way and now she found a new way to show it. She wants to pierce her ears, nose and belly. She believes that your salon is the safest place to do it, so don't let her down. 4J 6 months ago report
  • Helen Dreamy Pink House Helen Dreamy Pink House After graduating from the college, Helen came back her hometown. Helen sees a hotel as a starting point and eventually plans to run her own chain of country inns. Pink is a lovely and cute color, isn't it? Many people love it, so does Helen. She purchases some lovely furniture. But she needs your help to decorate the rooms of her new hotel in different pink themes. Comfortable beds and beautiful scenery are essential. And then upload the photos of them in her hotel website. Have fun with Helen Dreamy Pink House! 4J 3 months ago report
  • Interior Home Decoration 2 Interior Home Decoration 2 Test your creativity with this fun decorating game.If you are a naturally resourceful and artistic person house decorating is not all that hard for you. Choose the best furniture for each room and place decorative items and plants to change the look of this house. Have fun PlayRosy 1 year ago report
  • Doll House Decorating Doll House Decorating No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Icecream Shop Decor Icecream Shop Decor Play this fun game and learn how to decorate an ice cream shop and be a good manager. Serve your clients and earn money to upgrade and develop. Have fun PlayRosy 4 months ago report
  • Cake master Cake master No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago report
  • My new room 3 My new room 3 No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago report
  • Cake for love Cake for love No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago report
  • Nail Style Nail Style Makeover the finger nails with nail polish and other items for a cool new look. 8iz 3 months ago report
  • Lady Gaga Makeup Room Lady Gaga Makeup Room When the bedroom also turns out to be a makeup room, then having a makeover can be done more quickly. Because there will not be any waste of time running from one room to another room for our cosmetics and beauty products. GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Ellie Sweet Sixteen Ellie Sweet Sixteen Ellie is very excited because today its her birthday and she invited her friends to a big party. Lets help Ellie get dressed in something nice and make sure she looks beautiful. Next it is time to decorate the room for the party and decorate the birthday cake. The party will be a success. Enjoy 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Frozen Barbie Doll House Decor Frozen Barbie Doll House Decor No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Frozen Sisters Doll House Decor Frozen Sisters Doll House Decor No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Naughty Classroom 3 Naughty Classroom 3 No description available. 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • My New Room 3 My New Room 3 No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Sea View Room Decor Sea View Room Decor Hi Kids, how beautiful you want your Sea View Room to look. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Little Princess Room Decor Little Princess Room Decor All kids love princes and princesses and if they get a chance to help a princess, they would surely help, wouldn't they? Here in this decor game, the cute little princess has got permission to decorate her room. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Dwarfs' Home Dwarfs' Home Deep in the green forest you can find the little homes of dwarfs, where they live in their cute mushroom houses. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Lady Gaga Bathroom Luxury Design Lady Gaga Bathroom Luxury Design Because of her celebrity status as a singer and songwriter, Lady Gaga is busy round the clock and obviously gets much tired. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Royal Baby Room Royal Baby Room I'm the Queen of this wonderful country and I'm expecting my first baby who will be the latest Royal Baby of the world! It's a boy and I'm really excited about bringing the last Prince into the world. As he will be a handsome Prince, his room must be designed as elegant as him! So, our designers didn't want to recreate here because they think only you can decorate my Royal Baby's room as I want! Well, will you do it? 4J 6 months ago report
  • Interior Designer - Romantic Bedroom Interior Designer - Romantic Bedroom The lights are low and candles are warming up the steady air, sweet music is whispering delicate words of tender... this room is just perfect for your melancholic mood and sweet loving disposition. Take your time to give your heart to this amazingly romantic bedroom, give it your touch of style and make it yours forever! You'll see how it'll express yourself and your feelings even more than your words could! 4J 6 months ago report
  • Doll House Decoration Game Doll House Decoration Game In this popular game for girls you have to buy your own dollhouse and then decorate it Use the catalog to pick a dollhouse and get started. Read the instructions inside the game to understand how you can place the several furniture inside the rooms. Like a Gamer 10 months ago report
  • Clean Up Hair Salon Clean Up Hair Salon In this game you must help the hairdresser to clean and repair his salon and then you can decorate it as you wish. Have fun Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Barbie Lifestyle Photographer Barbie Lifestyle Photographer Barbie want to take some photos about her lifestyle. Now she need you to decorate her room and breakfast table and pick up some clothes suitable for given style. She will be very happy if you make it success! Have a good time! 4J 6 months ago report
  • Baby Barbie Hobbies Doll House Baby Barbie Hobbies Doll House What is your favorite hobby, girls? Baby Barbie has not just one, but many fun hobbies like face painting, making stuffed friends and colorful beads necklaces. She has a huge dolls collection spread all over her bedroom, so she decided to design doll houses for them. Help pretty baby Barbie create a fabulous doll house adding this fun activity to your list of hobbies. Buying an already made one from the toys store is not as exciting as making it from scratch at home. Select the doll house you fancy and take the dimensions. Use cardboard, scissors and glue to cut the boards and glue the parts together as directed. Great job! The cute baby girl is super happy with her new doll house. Painting and decorating it with furniture are the next steps. Paint each room in a different color or pattern. How about a girly pink bedroom and a fashionable purple living room, for example? Pick a gorgeous Hello Kitty, stars or hearts wallpaper instead. Or you can mix colors and prints to come up with a sensational room decor. Are you enjoying a fantastic time with Barbie? Complete the doll house makeover filling up each chamber with cute furniture and decorative objects. Pick chic tables, drawers, chairs, sofas, beds, wardrobes, paintings, rugs, carpets, flower vases, toys and dolls. Decorate the bathroom with trendy items as well. Have a blast playing our awesome new baby game! 4J 6 months ago report
Showing 1 - 42 of 8,807 for 'Decoration'