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  • Wedding Salon Fashion Bride Wedding Salon Fashion Bride No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • Fynsy's Wedding Salon Fynsy's Wedding Salon No description available. Pinkly 1 year ago report
  • Barbie's Hair Salon Barbie's Hair Salon Everyone knows that Barbie's hairstyling talents are unique! So Skipper, Stacey and Chelsea are very lucky to have a pro hairdresser as a sister, aren't they? 4J 8 months ago report
  • Clean Up Hair Salon Clean Up Hair Salon You have a hair salon and you have to clean it. There is a big mess so make sure the hair salon is clean before to get your clients for the day. Games1 4 days ago report
  • Descendants Hair Salon Descendants Hair Salon Hehe, great news friends! Our hair salon series continues with another super fun hairstyling session and today your clients are none other than your favourite characters from the famous Descendants du Mal series: Evie, Mal and Loonie. The girls are getting ready to film some new episodes for the famous series and they need their colourful hair locks to be styled as nicely as possible. Can you help them out, ladies? In the 'Descendants Hair Salon' game for girls you get to recreate Evie's signature braids, add some pinks highlights in Mal's purple hair and create some lovely loose curls in Lonnie's hair. So hurry up to join your favourite characters in, decide who is going to be the first to enjoy a professional hairstyling session and begin by washing your client's hair with a delicate shampoo. Don't forget to apply a nourishing hair mask as well and to use the hairdryer in order to prepare it for the styling process. Use the right tools to arrange it as your client desires and then go to the next page of the game to select an outfit to complement your client's new haircut. Have a great time playing the 'Descendants Hair Salon' game for girls! 4J 8 months ago report
  • Elsa Goes To Tanning Salon Elsa Goes To Tanning Salon Elsa s credit card is empty and she can not afford an expensive vacation or a vacation insurance. She can not even dream at a tropical island but she found the perfect solution for a great tan. Help Elsa go to the tanning salon so she can have a beautiful tanned skin. Her credit card might be empty but she looks like a star. SueFun 2 years ago report
  • Tattoo Shop Spa Salon Tattoo Shop Spa Salon Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself and allows you to choose from some amazing pictures that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. In this tattoo shop you can choose a tattoo, select where on the body it will be placed, draw the tattoo on some sketch paper, before adding the glue to the skin. MyGame 2 months ago report
  • Talking Tom Hair Salon Talking Tom Hair Salon Get your comb in hand and your scissors nearby because in this Talking Tom hair salon game you will get to cut his hair and style it in lots of different ways. This will be a perfect change for all those that want to get a new hairdo for the winter and for sure Tom will be pleased with the results. You can dye his hair and cut it different lengths, meaning that you can create limitless combinations in this Talking Tom haircut game. Keep trying out multiple styles because unlike real life you can redo his hair over and over without having to wait for it to grow back. 4J 8 months ago report
  • Barber Salon Barber Salon Men also want to look great so exercise your cutting skills in this awesome game and see if you are a great barber. Shampoo wash and dry his hair then shave and cut his beard offering him a beautiful style figure fit. PlayGirlie 2 years ago report
  • Beach Salon Beach Salon No description available. Pinkly 1 year ago report
  • Princess Elsa Beauty Salon Princess Elsa Beauty Salon Help Elsa pamper herself the entire day. She has an appointment to manicure hair salon and spa. Follow the instructions and make her feel great in each location. Enjoy PlayRosy 1 year ago report
  • Shaun the Sheep\'s Beauty Baahn Shaun the Sheep\'s Beauty Baahn Help Shaun the Sheep set up his own hair salon! Wash, dry and shear the sheep into their desired styles. Make sure they aren\'t kept waiting, or you won\'t get a tip!<br /><br />Submit your best sheep style to the Tangle Teezer website for the chance to win a £500 Farm Stay UK holiday!<br /> GameKos 2 years ago report
  • My Little Pony Hair Salon My Little Pony Hair Salon My Little Pony and her friends want to have a new hairstyle. They need your help. After selecting the hairstyle, you can follow the arrow to do wonderful hairstyle. Don't forget to color them. At last, wear pretty hair ornaments. 4J 6 months ago report
  • Clean Up Hair Salon Clean Up Hair Salon In this game you must help the hairdresser to clean and repair his salon and then you can decorate it as you wish. Have fun Like a Gamer 5 months ago report
  • Nail Polish game Nail Polish game No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • Princesses Bridal Salon Princesses Bridal Salon Welcome to the most amazing bridal salon of Princess Rapunzel, where any princess will find a perfect dress for the wedding of her dream! Girls, today you will need to help your favorite princess to prepare for the most important event in her life - the wedding. Have fun! 4J 5 months ago report
  • Cool Manicure Cool Manicure No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • Manicure Miranda game Manicure Miranda game No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • Chloe's Nail Salon Chloe's Nail Salon No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • ClickDEATH Hair Salon ClickDEATH Hair Salon They're back! Death in a hair salon can be so tragic. So many ways to die in the place Bored 1 year ago report
  • Clean Up Spa Salon 3 Clean Up Spa Salon 3 Clean up different beautiful spa salons and make sure they are clean before your customer come. FreeGames 4 days ago report
  • The Beard Salon The Beard Salon Use your barber skills to make this young man look chic and groomed. Follow the steps and use the tools in the right order to make his skin look smooth. After you finish shaving him you can also choose a nice outfit for him. Enjoy SueFun 2 years ago report
  • Ariel's Underwater Salon Ariel's Underwater Salon Disney Princess Ariel has just opened her underwater magnificence salon and her incredibly 1st customers are right here to check her fantastic water-resistant make up appears. Help her make over for her three best friends and dress up for them. Enjoy it! 4J 5 months ago report
  • Cinderella Hair Salon Cinderella Hair Salon No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • Elsa Tanning Salon Elsa Tanning Salon No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • Tylor manicure Tylor manicure We dont know why but today all the celebrities need your help for their nails. Probably you are very good at it and because of it all ask your help. In this game Taylor need your help. She want obtain very nice nails for the next concert and she hope you can help her. You can do it 2-Play 2 years ago report
  • Spa Salon Cleanup Spa Salon Cleanup This is the busiest spa salon in the town and girls flock into this salon throughout the day as a result it has amassed a lot of dusts and wastages. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Nail Surgery And Spa Nail Surgery And Spa Oh no my nails look nasty. I have an infection which make me feel embarrassed with my foot and I can not wear sandals. Help me recover my pretty foot back and do you best to make my nails nice. I am counting on you. SueFun 2 years ago report
  • Barbie At Spa Salon Barbie At Spa Salon Barbie was invited to her best friend royal wedding and wants to look flawless so she needs your help to get a princess makeover. Start with a good hot bubble bath shampoo her hair to be easier to arrange it later apply a natural facial mask for a silky skin then complete the makeover with a soft makeup black mascara warm colors and a peachy lipstick then choose a pink royal princess dress accessorized with bright jewelry. PlayRosy 2 years ago report
  • Glam Hair Salon Glam Hair Salon No description available. Pinkly 1 year ago report
  • My Little Pony Sparkling Nails My Little Pony Sparkling Nails Lovely Rarity is going to show you how to get colorful nails to wear any season. In this wonderful game your nails are going to shine with lovely colors inspired by this amazing theme we have for you. You can try out many awesome combinations using harmony stones and colors to unlock fun nail polishes. Have fun SueFun 1 year ago report
  • Baby Elephant Salon Baby Elephant Salon No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Chloe's Nail Salon Chloe's Nail Salon Choose between Challenge Mode to earn money by giving customers what they want and Freeplay Mode it lets your creativity run wild. Click the icons to create the desired look. If you make a mistake, just click on the nail cleaner! 4J 8 months ago report
  • Horse Hair Salon Horse Hair Salon The royal horse needs a little bit of pampering today and because Jasmine loves her horse so much decided to get him to the horse hair salon in this animal game. Spoil him and make him look like the stallion he is. First you need to clean him, comb him and try to braid his mane hair and after that you have to deal with the dress code. Create a new look and combine your sense of style with Jasmine's taste. 4J 8 months ago report
  • Frozen Hair Salon Frozen Hair Salon Elsa comes to your fashion salon shop, please makeover her. At first, find the hidden hairstyling tools and follow the instructions to wash and dry her hair to design a beautiful hairstyle for her, then you can make up her and choose a beautiful dress to dress up her. Have fun! 4J 8 months ago report
  • Beauty Hairstyle Salon Beauty Hairstyle Salon You have just opened your very own hair salon. The young girl is looking or a new cool and fresh look. Help her cut and then dye her hair, create the most trendy hairstyle! Play around and see how many different styles you can create! Then you can make her up and dress her up with beautiful clothes to make her look more amazing. GameKos 3 years ago report
  • Polynesian Princess Real Haircuts Polynesian Princess Real Haircuts Get Moana ready for an amazing adventure with a brand new real haircut Our newest princess loves to sail the ocean and fight for what is right so she needs a hairstyle that fits her brave personality. Dive into the salon to cut dye and style Moanas hair then pick accessories tattoos and outfits to finish her transformation. PlayRosy 10 months ago report
  • Hairdresser Hairdresser You Work at hairdressing salon as a hairdresser and is a pleasure for you. You clients will be delighted with your performance but first what matters is the image that the hairdresser has during work hours.Use your mouse to arrange hairdresser 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Fabulous Nail Salon Fabulous Nail Salon No description available. 8Fairy 2 years ago report
  • Elsa Beauty Salon Elsa Beauty Salon It is time for Elsa weekly beauty treatment. She bought some new skin products and you have to help her test them. Follow the steps and take good care of Elsa s skin. Next you have to wash her hair and give her a new hair style. Have fun spending time with Elsa PlayRosy 2 years ago report
  • spa manicure salon spa manicure salon After youve played various dress up games now its time to make your nails looks good. All you have to do in this game is to follow the advice of manicurist to get your dream nails. PlayRosy 2 years ago report
  • Super Barbie Real Haircuts Super Barbie Real Haircuts Barbie was very busy this week. She used her master card to pay her health insurance and went shopping. She spend all her money from the master card on new clothes and now she can not afford to go to a hair salon. At least she solved the health insurance problem. Help Super Barbie get a new hair style and a new look. Have fun PlayRosy 2 years ago report
Showing 1 - 42 of 1,865 for 'Salon'