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  • Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Conquer levels of fire and ice in Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Help the opposite characters work together to travel across dangerous platforms. Fireboy must avoid water and Watergirl will perish in lava. Use special powers to clear a safe path and escape the Ice Temple Bofer 4 months ago report
  • Fireboy and Watergirl Fireboy and Watergirl This is a true romantic story about how Fireboy and Watergir... 2PG 2 years ago report
  • Big Fat Dolphin Big Fat Dolphin A big fat dolphin is on the hunt for new fish. Help by controlling him through the large expanses of the ocean and show him the way to new fish. Like a Gamer 8 months ago report
  • Ariel Underwater Sleepover Ariel Underwater Sleepover Ariel wants to hold a underwater party, can you help her and three of her best friend choose the dresses to make them enjoy the party? 4J 7 months ago report
  • Qlympics Diving Qlympics Diving Jump off of the diving board and try to complete a perfect dive so you can win the gold medal. 8iz 1 year ago report
  • Water Ragdoll 2 Water Ragdoll 2 Change the amount of water, adjust the gravity levels and place deadly objects on to the screen to torture the heck out of this stick figure ragdoll guy. 8iz 1 year ago report
  • Sea Fishing Sun Beach Sea Fishing Sun Beach Catch all types of realistic fish on a sunny beach This water spots game features bass trout snappers tuna and sharks. You can hook several different rubber fish worms and bait to your line. Cast out far and catch the biggest fish possible 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Lake Fishing 2 Lake Fishing 2 Relax while fishing and listening to the sounds of nature In Lake Fishing 2 you can throw your line and catch huge fish. Bream carp and trout dominate the quiet waters of each destination. Fish from the comforts of home 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Rapunzel Swimming Pool Rapunzel Swimming Pool No description available. Pinkly 1 year ago report
  • My Dolphin Show 6 My Dolphin Show 6 Head back to the aquarium for another day of super awesome dolphin jumps, tricks and other rad stunts. 4J 8 months ago report
  • Sport-Fishing Sport-Fishing You think to go fishing is easy Try this game and you will understand why. Like a Gamer 1 year ago report
  • 3D Storm Boat 3D Storm Boat No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Fish Tales Deluxe Fish Tales Deluxe <p><span style=\"font-family: verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; color: #dddddd; line-height: 15px;\">Meet Sunny, a small fish in a ocean.Try to survive in dangerous waters.</span></p> GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Stunt Dive Stunt Dive The aim of Stunt Dive is to score as many points as you can by letting the stunt... CrazyGames 4 months ago report
  • Water Ragdoll Water Ragdoll Check out the ragdoll physics as you play around with water and other objects. 8iz 3 months ago report
  • Sea Fishing Tropical Sea Fishing Tropical No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Voices from the Sea Voices from the Sea Follow the story of a young boy Cantus as he meets Maris the mysterious girl by the sea an experience that will change his life forever. Collect seashells unlock hidden Wallpapers Theaters and Side Stories as you sit back and enjoy this cute relaxing story. Like a Gamer 1 year ago report
  • Youda Fisherman Youda Fisherman Live up to your legendary image of pirate hunter and keep your harbor running safely by building, directing and protecting a growing fleet of fishing ships! Praised in many books as a helpful, fearless sea hero you have been asked to help rebuild the fishing company of the 'Mad Scientist' as he assists you with his bizarre inventions. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • City Firefighter City Firefighter City Fire Fighter is a skill game in which you work as firefighter. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Storm at sea Storm at sea The Navy ship where you are in charge is assaulted from all sides by other ships or large helicopters and submarines. Try cu aim for the helicopters to knock them down and launch torpedoes towards the submarines.Use the mouse to target click Close S launched torpedoes the ship moves naval AD 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Feed Us Happy Feed Us Happy Feed Us Happy is a bloody fish-swimming game. Swim as the hungry little fish via the deep blue sea. Gather blood droplets and try to eat plenty of fishies when dodging obstructing boulders. Have a good time! 4J 8 months ago report
  • Sea Fishing Tropical Sea Fishing Tropical Welcome to Sea Fishing. Just use the left button mouse to catch of the fish. Collect as many fishes as you can. The more you catch the more score you got. Sea fishing is fishing lures simulator is the best way to relax beautiful landscape relaxing sound will compliment you a great deal of positive impressions and raise your spirits. Like a Gamer 1 year ago report
  • Spearfishing Adventure Spearfishing Adventure <p>-  16 levels/locations to hunt fishes/sharks/orcas/whales</p>rn<p>- Each level has a score limit to unlock      </p>rn<p>-  while you control your diver  with your mouse and left click to shoot spears at the same time you need to watch out out of breath time before it goes to zero you have to go up take another breath</p>rn<p>-when you kill a fish you need to go collect it to earn money and score</p>rn<p>- every 5 level you dive deeper </p>rn<p>- Game instructions integrated to level1 </p>rn<p>- some sharks will follow you kill them before you get killed </p>rn<p>- if you like to unlock more levels click reset game </p>rn<p></p> GameGox 3 years ago report
  • On the deck On the deck Work your way through 58 levels with various goals. On the deck is a novel flash game with beautiful graphics and physic driven arcade puzzles, from LongAnimals and Asute. Mankiz 2 years ago report
  • World of Warships World of Warships World of Warships is a free to play action naval multiplayer game WarGaming 2 years ago report
  • Battle Sail Battle Sail Battle Sail takes you to the Golden Age of Piracy. Battle Sails is a turn-based strategy game. Taken place in the 1670s where you will lead your nation to prosperity. Your goal is to conquer the Caribbean territory with your ships and wits. Manage your region by building fortresses to defend, purchase merchant ship to increase revenue, to build warship to conquer other territories. Make diplomatic policy with other leaders. Sign or break peace treaties with them at your convenience. Creetor 9 months ago report
  • Wreck Raider Wreck Raider No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Ocean Odyssey Ocean Odyssey <p>Control your creature from the top to the bottom of the sea while eating and growing larger and larger. The bigger you get, the more points you receive.</p><br /><p><strong><em>Sponsor Cheats </em></strong><em>(Will be taken off once sponsored) - Press h to receive 10 pearls</em></p> GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Los Angeles Shark Los Angeles Shark No description available. Yomza 1 year ago report
  • New York Shark New York Shark You're a shark in New York. Eat everyone and everything that moves! New York Shark has you swimming through the water eating everything in your path! Move up and down through the water, and even surface to attack! The best move is your super jump, which you can perform by diving deep down and then surfacing with great speed! You can eat planes by doing this, and even take out king kong! How far can you get in this bizarre adventure? BubbleBox 7 months ago report
  • Paranormal Shark Activity Paranormal Shark Activity Just try to survive from the shark and score as much points as you can.rnrnWith lots of achievements to unlock!rnrnMore instructions in the game. GameGox 3 years ago report
  • 3D Mountain Bike 3D Mountain Bike Cruise in your mountain bike across a 3D course Dive into this immersive adventure featuring highspeed racing ramps and rocks. Weave between boulders and launch off of miniramps. Ride smoothly and pedal your way to 3D victory before time runs out 2-Play 1 year ago report
  • Sea Journey Sea Journey <p>Sea Journey invites you to the fascinating world of watery waste, fresh breeze and hot sea battles. If you are discontent with ordinary casual games, if you want something more exciting and challenging, Sea Journey is just the game for you. Match3 games have never been so thrilling and absorbing. <br /> <br /> To begin with, the gameplay is quite original. The playing area is divided into two parts: a match3 field and a visual sea battle above it. As you put matching items in a line, they blow up and affect the course of the battle or give you some profit. For example, a line of cannon balls lets you have a cannon-shot at the enemy; wheels increase the maneuvering ability of your ship in the battle, thus reducing the enemy&rsquo;s shooting accuracy; various gems designate special features; coins let you buy new ships, and scrolls give you extra experience for ship upgrade. You and your enemy have 3 moves every turn, but if you match 4 or 5 items, you get extra moves. The game provides you with useful tips that help to choose what matches are the most beneficial. <br /> <br /> The battle is depicted in detail and looks very spectacular due to advanced graphics. Epic music along with real-life sound effects makes the action immensely impressive. The battles are set in various places, so you can enjoy many magnificent views such as storms, sunsets, volcanoes and harbors. There are 4 types of ships: trader, pirate, guard and phantom; and each type has its peculiar characteristics. When you get more than one ship, it is up to you to decide which one is more suitable for a certain mission. All in all there are 50 levels in Sea Journey, and as you upgrade your ships and improve their capabilities, your adventures get more dangerous and difficult. Besides fighting with other ships, you can attack enemy forts. By the way, besides the main plot, you can enjoy seven fabulous mini-games, which also bring you a good round sum!</p> GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Sea Fishing Sea Fishing Welcome to Sea Fishing. Just use the left button mouse to catch of the fish. Collect as many fishes as you can. The more you catch, the more score you got. <br />Sea fishing is fishing lures simulator is the best way to relax, beautiful landscape, relaxing sound will compliment you a great deal of positive impressions and raise your spirits.<br />Instruction: <br />1. Select place for fishing.<br />2. Specify the place to throw bait.<br />3. Click anywhere on the screen to draw lines. Look for the tension lines. <br /><br />Play more fishing games at <br />Good luck!<br /> GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Rugby Underwater Rugby Underwater <p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm;\">You manage the team of globefishes that play rugby.</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm;\"><strong>Goals of the game are:</strong></p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">1 Bring the ball in the opponent\'s shell</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">2 Do not let the opponents to place the ball in your shell.</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm;\"><strong>Controls:</strong></p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">Use arrow keys or WASD to move fishes of your team.</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">Use space key for stop moving your fishes.</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\"><strong>Multiplayer mode Controls:</strong><strong></strong>Player 1</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">move - WASD</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">stop - Shift</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">Player 2</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">move - Arrows</p><br /><p style=\"margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;\">stop - space</p> GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Sharks Vs Swimmers Sharks Vs Swimmers No description available. Yomza 1 year ago report
  • Feed Us - Pirates Feed Us - Pirates No description available. Yomza 1 year ago report
  • Feed Us 4 Feed Us 4 No description available. Yomza 1 year ago report
  • Miami Shark Miami Shark No description available. Yomza 1 year ago report
  • Sandcastle Sandcastle Buy different types of cannons and ammo before each battle. Click with the mouse to shoot, hold the mouse button down longer for more power. Press spacebar after shoot to cancel it. Win 7 battles and defend Your Kingdom! GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Evolvo Plus Evolvo Plus ARROWS /WASD - MovernSPACE - Use PowerrnQ - TOGGLE QUALITYrnP - PAUSErnM - TOGGLE SOUNDrnrnCHEATS HERE!!: fish that are smaller than you while avoiding fish that are bigger.Eat more fish to evolve and gain new abilities!rnrnThe Beefed up version of Evolvo with tons more stuff!rnrn-Boss Battle!rn-100 kinds of enemy fish in total !rn-4 difficulty levels !rn-Medals and High Scores!rn-Cheats! GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Underwater Fish Puzzle Underwater Fish Puzzle Travel on the funny underwater world together with genre game match3. Playing you visit a set of corners of the underwater world and receive good pleasure. Like a Gamer 2 months ago report
Showing 1 - 42 of 7,276 for 'Water'